The fitness market is a $25 billion industry with enormous growth potential.

Health club memberships are projected to reach 100 million by next year, representing a 25% growth rate from current levels.

Since 1994, Gym-Max has continually improved its systems with the aim of offering the very best, and with three centers under its belt; 2 in the form of franchises and 1 corporate, Gym-Max is now ready to extend its brand across Canada.

Consequently, we are looking to partner with individuals who share our vision and who are prepared to accept the predefined business rules in an environment already familiar to you.

Our proven multi revenue business model adapts to the latest trends, and adjusts to those regions where it is introduced, while preserving its brand identity.

Our intent is to combine business and pleasure alongside a unique turnkey concept, which will deliver a first rate customer experience.

Our franchisees, can rely on 20 years of gym management expertise, as well as benefit from individuals with more than 12 years of experience in franchise development.

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105 Bellehumeur Street,
Gatineau, QC , J8T 6K5, CA 
Phone number : 819 246-0496